The ecosystem sedApta: extreme connectivity


The sedApta Suite is a next-generation software platform developed to support your business and meet optimization needs. This platform allows factories to make collaboration and orchestration between functions and plants more agile.

The sedApta suite is a platform of orchestrated solutions that can work together, either with one another or with third-party solutions. The sedApta suite transforms the existing S & OP and MOM processes to evolve beyond the planning approach and traditional ERP-based spreadsheets. It ensures optimal development and excellence. Thanks to the modularity of its components, the S & OP sedApta suite of software solutions is able to coordinate interoperability and orchestrate people working together to optimize processes throughout the supply chain. the suite of S & OP and MOM sedApta software solutions transforms the concept of sales and execution operations.

Industry 4.0 is also the connectivity between people and machines

Industry 4.0 is the robotisation and technology available to all to help men better understand modern technologies and bring them the best of innovation. To support our customers in their digital transformation, each component integrates the OSA platform (Orchestrator / Skillaware / Analytics).

On the other hand, the sedApta-osys S & OP platform supports the typical processes (standards) of an advanced supply chain: Demand Management, Inventory Management, Resource & Supply Planning, Order Promising, Web Supply Engine.

In addition, sedApta is the only company able to combine the production planning part with three Manufacturing Management optimization modules: Factory Scheduling, Quartis MES and Smart Asset Management.

Our sedapta suite platform :

Connectivity between machines: Industry 4.0 is also characterized by connectivity between machines

sedApta-osys has developed a whole range of hardware for this connectivity. Our PCs and industrial terminals have been designed for the acquisition of production data. Our range is suitable for harsh industrial environments. We have equipped our graphic and tactile terminals with I / O cards allowing the automatic collection in real time on the machines of the production data. Data acquisition is also possible through the use of IOT objects such as the bluethooth DAM.

Once reassembled in the software of the sedapta suite, this data is processed and analyzed by the service manager.   

The sedApta ecosystem is characterized by a new methodology and a different approach to the implementation of the project:

  • Create a structure capable of supporting the cooperative management of the demand planning, inventory, procurement and production processes, giving each function real visibility and response capacity on each floor. 
  • Process flow creation coordinates people at all levels of the organization by enabling software processes such as sedApta suite components and third-party components (ERP, inventory management, Web applications, etc.). ), reducing inefficiencies and increasing business collaboration. Real-time orchestration of people enables continuous improvement of processes, people and technologies. 
  • Manpower training via the Skillaware platform helping users by providing real-time support while using a component of the suite. 
  • Skillaware guides users step by step through the procedures and provides training materials on S.O.P. specific products. 
  • Optimize your software and personal performance with real-time KPI creation and analysis, helping organizations make the right decisions at the right time at every level of the organization. 
  • Manufacturing planning, preventive maintenance, and maintenance sharing check and correct errors before they occur or increase. The suite guides people to react in real time by performing the right troubleshooting procedures and optimizing the business lifecycle.