TRS performance monitoring (OEE) / TRG / TRE

TRS performance monitoring (OEE), TRG, TRE


Faced with the reality of the market, companies are forced to improve their performance: productivity, responsiveness, costs, deadlines and quality.

The monitoring of the performance (of a machine, a line, a workshop ...) is often one of the first controlled indicators. The most classic indicators are:

  • TRE: economic rate of return
  • TRG: overall rate of return
  • TRS: synthetic rate of return

 The most used is the TRS or OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

In this context, the TRS is a key indicator, whose analysis provides both the performance measure (outcome indicator) and the action plans for improvement (pilot indicator). The TRS is therefore an effective investigative tool. The implementation of a targeted approach to improve the TRS most often makes it possible to improve productivity, to release additional capacities while delaying investments in additional equipment or the replacement of machines deemed too inefficient, or even the rendering useless.

The synthetic rate of return consists of 3 components:

  • The availability of the machine
  • The performance of the latter under normal conditions
  • The quality it provides

The TRS provides a simple and synthetic vision. It condenses these elements into a single figure expressed in percent (%), which authorizes steering and decision. It's an indicator for management.

In a lean approach of continuous improvement it is possible to improve the TRS by using different methods (SMED, TPM, 5S, autoquality, visual management ...).

The TRS or OEE is an indicator of the productivity performance of the means corresponding to the ratio between the useful time (tU) and the required time (tR) -. TRS = Quality rate * Performance rate * operational availability.

For more information see afnor NF standard E60-182 The Quartis solutions include the dedicated parameterization and dashboards TRS, TRG as standard. Simple, intuitive to use and configurable our soft and hardware solution (automatic acquisition) can be implemented quickly.

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