Web Supply Engine

Collaborative management within the supply chain

The brick Web Supply Engine is an integral part of the sedApta-osys Sales & Operations Planning Suite:

  • Sales forecasting: Optimization and reliability of sales forecasts
  • Inventory Management: Inventory Management and Inventory Optimization
  • Delivery Management: Service Rate Improvement
  • Fine planning: Optimization of the production load

The Web Supply Engine manages communication with subcontractors and external suppliers, providing document management for web collaboration.

We distinguish three aspects:

  • The Collaborative Work Plan: plans, documentation, CAD drawings, shipping and quality details, ... in the short and medium term with external actors, especially contractors and suppliers.
  • The plan specificity sharing module: it allows a consensual agreement regarding shipping dates, quantities to be delivered, price conditions, etc.
  • Notification Management
  • Control and certify data access
  • Receive and generate automatic notifications in real time
  • Manage documentation (quality control, instruction sets ...)
  • Customize the internal collaboration workflow based on user group profiles.
  • Upgrade the collaboration network and user groups through an easily scalable system.
  • ... ..

The Web Supply Engine facilitates communication with your subcontractors and suppliers.

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