Order Promising

The Order Promising Brick is an integral part of the sedApta-osys Sales & Operations Planning suite:

- Sales forecasting: Optimization and reliability of sales forecasts

- Inventory Management: Inventory Management and Inventory Optimization

- Fine planning: Optimization of the production load

- web supply engine: Collaborative management within the supply chain

The Order Promising module is part of the sedApta Sales & Operation Planning Suite.

This module has been developed to improve the rate of service (OTD), control the level of inventory, reduce inventory costs ...

Order Promising transcribes a complete picture of supply and demand to enable a reliable and timely delivery commitment. The module takes into account the stocks, the master plan of production.

Order Promising consists of three modules:

Billing of sales orders for the fixing of the delivery dates of the sales orders. Simulations check inventory availability and incoming product plans for production and supply.

Heuristic management for the formation and definition of different sorting rules, including the required delivery date, status, priority, the existence of a penalty and transport constraints. Heuristic management is also achieved through the determination of current and future stock availability rules, hedging policies and the segmentation of the warehouse into logical service lines.

Interactive Forcing allows manual execution of commands (partial, shared, or total).

The Order Promising module will propose a delivery date for the sales orders, partition the availability of the logical warehouse, configure the sorting and allocation rules at any level of aggregation.

The module will simulate the different management scenarios and evaluate using standard configurable KPIs.

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