Inventory management

The Inventory Management brick is an integral part of the sedApta-osys Sales & Operations Planning suite:

- Sales forecasting: Optimization and reliability of sales forecasts

- Delivery Management: Service Rate Improvement

- Fine planning: Optimization of the production load

- Web supply engine: Collaborative management within the supply chain

Inventory Management and Inventory Optimization Module: Inventory Management.

Inventory Management was designed to maintain stock level and customer service objectives.

This module makes it possible to optimize the supply plan, manage the production plan, manage inventory in terms of costs, volumes ...

The Inventory Management module will define the infinite capacity replenishment plan based on sales forecast, service rate, orders, inventory, replenishment.

Two modules stand out in the Inventory Management module: Inventory Planning and Inventory control.

Inventory Planning will calculate the level of security stock. It will generate the Master Production Schedule (MPS) plan that allows the user to calculate the optimal profile of security stocks.

Inventory Control will help determine the replenishment plan for each node in the supply chain. Through simulations of multiple scenarios, the tool allows the user to determine the best inventory policy taking into account the target service level, inventory coverage objectives and supply chain characteristics / constraints (eg deadlines). providers).

Inventory Control provides users with high levels of demand visibility (sales forecasts, security stocks and sales orders), service levels, target inventory, warehouse status, and production orders initiated. Users interact on the results of the plans developed.

In this way, it is possible to run simulated analyzes and recalculate the plan in real time to be able to immediately evaluate the impact of the constraint changes.

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