Demand Management

The Sales Forecast Brick is an integral part of the sedApta-osys Sales & Operations Planning suite:

- Sales forecasting: Optimization and reliability of sales forecasts

Inventory Management: Inventory Management and Inventory Optimization

Delivery Management: Service Rate Improvement

Fine planning: Optimization of the production load

Our sales forecasting tool called Demand Management has been designed to be competitive. It opens up new opportunities for companies in transformation.

Demand Management makes it possible to formulate shared and validated forecasts at all significant levels of the hierarchy.

The Demand Management module is inserted into a larger solution in which, after the execution of this first process, a second process (Inventory and Warehouse Management) is activated thanks to the Inventory Management module of the sedApta suite.

At the beginning of the sales forecast planning process, Demand Management allows after changing conditions and orders, to update the production plan and redo the contextual forecasts.

The module allows you to review the forecasts thanks to several features like:

• Forecast validity check, to compare forecasts with actual data

• Fine tuning of predictions with corrective algorithms.

• Evaluation of the statistical significance of the differences between the expected values and the real values.

thus ensuring a rapid response to unexpected phenomena.

The Demand Management module will help reduce inventory costs, purchase cost, optimize production and logistical resources ...

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