S&OP : Sales & Operation planning

sedApta-osys offers a complete offer S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) reconciling in the medium term the sales plan with the capacities of the company by respecting the objectives of service and the financial objectives in order to propose a unique and achievable plan.

This approach helps to focus on critical factors while identifying risks.

The efficiency of this process is a source of improved business performance, optimization of installed capacity utilization, inventory control and rate of service optimization.

The sedApta-osys S & OP suite addresses these process optimization needs by providing a comprehensive software offering:

- Sales forecasting or Demand Management for the optimization and reliability of sales forecasts

- Inventory Management for Inventory Management and Inventory Optimization

- Delivery management or Order Promising for the improvement of the rate of service

- Fine planning or Resource & supply Planning for the optimization of the production load

- The Web supply engine dedicated to collaborative management within the supply chain