The ORCHESTRATOR tool is a component of the O.S.A Suite of sedApta

Orchestrator is a Business Process Management tool involved in digitizing your factory.

The Orchestrator tool allows you to redefine and model in real time all your internal processes and to facilitate the execution and the follow-up by means of alerts (according to the person, his service and his level of responsibility).

Orchestrator rethinks, redesigns, and automatically executes cross-platform and inter-role workflow processes. The processes defined by Orchestrator will achieve optimum efficiency levels.

Orchestrator will allow the software applications of the factory to work together. The tool will manage the needs and changes of processes and activities. It uses personal widgets for managing work plans and tasks. Orchestrator monitors KPIs with task-specific dashboards through integration with Analytics (3rd O.S.A solution)

Orchestrator is a guarantee of quality in business procedures.

It can be used on all media: PDA, tablet, PC, smartphone ...