The concept of industry 4.0 or industry of the future is a new way of organizing the means of production. The IOT objects and new technologies of the virtual world are today used by the industry to satisfy a more and more personalized demand.

To meet this demand, industries must enter the era of Industry 4.0, invest in solutions to recover real-time machine data and operators and interact with ERP and all other software platforms such as the Internet. scheduling, MES, CMMS ...

Our software O.S.A (Orchestrator, Skillaware, Analytics), once implemented, manage and follow in real time all these established processes and provides an interconnected infrastructure between the services of the plant.

They bridge the gap between S & OP and M.E.S solutions. O.S.A modules (Orchestrator, Skillaware, Analytics) work together to optimize processes from the supply chain to production.

This echo system will accelerate communication between these services, making them more responsive.

O.S.A influences the three elements leading to success: people, technologies, processes. This platform was designed to result in a more efficient and competitive plant.