Workflow Quality module

Workflow quality module

Follow non-compliances by following validation steps

The quality workflow module is a complementary tool to our Quartis software suite.

A dashboard makes it possible to find the follow-up of nonconformities by criterion (date, step ....) Thanks to the Quality workflow module, the operator knows in real time of the controls carried out and those still to be done.

The quality workflow module also integrates customized quality control ranges throughout production and allows the creation / modification of quality controls according to the current production context.

Set the validation steps for non-conformities

  • Definition of the steps of the non-compliance workflow.
  • Designation of the persons responsible for actions.
  • Assignment of tasks.
  • Definition of the deadlines.
  • Inserting files.
  • Mail sending.
  • Instant history of actions of managers.
  • Indicators.

At each step, the action leader must specify, in a form pre-set by the user, the appropriate course of action with regard to the problem and the person in charge of the action. Depending on the case, it will decide to implement an action plan, such as to accept as is, correct or reject the product concerned. All concerned are automatically notified of the progress of the actions.

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