Process traceability

Traceability Module process


The Process Traceability module is a complementary tool to our Quartis software suite.

The expertise of sedApta-osys, the French leader in the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), on the collection of real-time production data makes it possible to obtain valuable data on the workshops or factories of any company.

Our software already provides traceability for many years. However, sedApta-osys wanted to develop a standard 'process traceability' module to allow our customers to easily install the tool at the heart of the workshop.

The process traceability module is equipped with a 'recipe tracking' function, which is highly coveted in the agri-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics fields.

The process traceability module has two facets

  • Supervision of your workshops: synthetic provision of live information through the collection of production data. The setting of the screens in standard or in a personalized way will allow to display in real time the information relating to the production: state of the equipments, controls in progress ...
  • The control of the recipes: the Process Traceability module ensures the control of the phase of incorporation of the ingredients, mixing, cooking and conditioning of your productions. Example: automatic calculation of batch quantities, allergen checks ...

The display of the Process traceability module screens is done on the sedApta-osys range of industrial and workshop terminals.

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