Green Factory

Green Factory Module : monitoring Energy Consumption

The Green Factory module is a complementary tool to our Quartis software suite.

Dashboards and energy balances

It has several levels of tracking:

The green Factory module from sedApta-osys offers industrialists an intuitive interface to follow the energies of the production tool in the form of dashboards and reports.

  • Level 1: the overall energy consumption of the plant (electricity, gas, water, fuel ...).
  • Level 2: consumption by equipment or by line, by OF.
  • Level 3: Detailed reports in which the production and energy timelines will be compared for each of the production phases.

The main functions of the module:

  • Reassemble in real time the consumption data of production equipment (meters, measurement systems, sensors, probes, PLC connections, ...).
  • Monitor the total or partial consumption of production tools by real-time monitoring indicators.
  • Synthesize energy consumption (electricity, gas, water, oil ...) in the form of a balance sheet and allocate consumption by families of finished products, by OF, by production line, by equipment ...

All these data are displayed in real time.

Compared with other solutions available on the market, the added value of the Green Factory module lies in its ability to easily harvest production-specific energy data thanks to the Quartis software suite (Manufacturing Execution System) developed by sedApta -osys).

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