M.O.M (Manufacturing Operation Management)

MOM Software (Factory Scheduling, MES Quartis, Smart Asset Management) for companies and industrial groups.

Thanks to its integration with the sedApta team, Osys can today position on the market an extended range of products allowing the optimization of the performance of the workshop. The integration between Quartis MES, the planning and the GMAO (Smart Asset Management) allows our customers to integrate information from production, maintenance activities and scheduler. This approach optimizes maintenance activities (preventive - corrective) linking the execution to detailed information from Quartis and allowing a detailed reordering of all operations:

The M.E.S Quartis meets the needs of optimization of the industrial production tool. There are several QUARTIS softwares adapted to each size of company and corresponding to their needs:

  • Quartis PRO PLUS : complete and customizable Manufacturing Execution System (MES) standard software for industrial processes / ETI.
  • Quartis Tools : Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software that can be modeled according to the sector of activity. It allows to respond to customized solutions: Ihms, vocabulary, editions, business calculations ...

The QUARTIS suite shows a return on investment (ROI) of less than 1 year.

Factory Scheduling : allows to plan and schedule automatically in real time the production orders. It makes it possible to determine the manufacturing programs according to the different resources and production constraints. It is a planning module for the production and scheduling of production orders. Factory Scheduling allows users to create short, medium, and long-term production plans based on production capabilities and constraints. 

Smart Asset Management : is a component of the sedApta suite created to assist maintenance teams in their daily work. Smart Asset Management supports the following key activities for maintenance management:

  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Conditional interview
  • Corrective maintenance

In order to gain productivity and performance, equip yourself with real-time indicators of your production activity: machines, operators, production risks ...

Associated with sedApta-osys terminals, the MOM portfolio is a real tool for collecting production data in real time, anticipation and decision support for production managers. By integrating the OSA suite, it also helps to coordinate the activities of operators, to help them in learning new technologies (OSA).

A full web system that allows rapid deployment of proven and non-proprietary technologies, Quartis has been designed to be compatible and scalable to new development technologies: JAVA, web screens, multi-database, multi-OS (Windows, Linux), multi-browser. Quartis interfaces with all the GPAO or ERP / PGI of the market. sedApta-osys is a technical and commercial partner with leading market publishers: SAP, Microsoft, Sage X3, Divalto, Sylob, Silog and Oracle.

A customizable suite

Our production monitoring software / MES Quartis is customizable with different modules: equipment monitoring, operator monitoring, OPC, range and nomenclature ...

  • Traçeability module (genealogical traceability, process, workflow quality) : solution to traceability needs for MGEs.
  • Technical production data management : module dedicated to management of technical production data.
  • Factory Scheduling : planning and scheduling solution.
  • Smart Asset Management : CMMS maintenance solution.
  • Green Factory : solution for monitoring the energy consumption of the production tool.
  • VidéoDisplay : Dynamic Display Solution for Industry.