Smart Asset Management

Smart Asset Management helps support the maintenance department in their daily work

It is the ideal tool to effectively manage the maintenance of a plant.

Indeed, it allows:

- Scheduled maintenance: SAM can inspect and correct incipient failures before they occur or before they become major faults.

- Conditional maintenance: Conditional maintenance is triggered by measurements and workshop events such as: noise, vibration, temperature, pressure and machine cycle measurements. According to the received values, SAM calculates the number of times a constraint is violated, automatically creating a maintenance task.

- Corrective maintenance: Corrective maintenance is performed after the detection of a failure and aims to restore the proper functioning of equipment.

This maintenance management software allows you to track maintenance activities and plan future activities. It monitors and generates maintenance reports.

The implementation of the Smart Asset Management maintenance software will help reduce downtime and therefore associated costs, by integrating the Analytics module of the O.S.A tool as well as the Production Planning and Production modules.

Smart Asset Management is part of the software platform of the sedApta suite.

Smart Asset Management represents a real added value for the production tool when it is linked to the M.E.S QUARTIS tools as well as Factory Scheduling.

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