Production monitoring software

Real Time Production Monitoring / Workshop Management / M.E.S (Manufacturing Execution System)


Installing a M.E.S (or real-time production monitoring) sedApta-osys in a production plant will help to:

  • Master all stages of production
  • Decrease / make profitable / optimize production costs
  • Gain in performance
  • Gain responsiveness and customer satisfaction
  • Save time and search information
  • Inventory and flow management
  • Accuracy of data

SEDAPTA-OSYS has developed a software suite called M.E.S called QUARTIS software suite

Modules can be added to this suite.

The sedApta-osys production tracking system is set up to ensure:

  • Real-time tracking of production orders, launches or campaigns
  • Time tracking operator workforce
  • Machine performance monitoring
  • Quality monitoring & real-time traceability
  • The measure of overall performance
  • The supervision
  • Scheduling and schedule management
  • Sharing information: performance indicators, plans ...
  • Save time and search information
  • Inventory and flow management
  • Accuracy of data
The M.E.S system or production monitoring is linked to the ERP set up

These two systems communicate with each other and share common data such as:

  • Workshops, lines, machines ..
  • Ranges, operating modes, ...
  • Nomenclatures, formulas, ...
  • Articles, products, ...
  • Production orders, batch, batch ...

While using their own data:

  • Customers, suppliers, orders ... (ERP)
  • Stops, breakdowns, quality data ... (M.E.S)

The purpose of the ERP is to provide all the necessary means to produce on time.

The M.E.S sedApta-osys analyzes in real time the differences between the planned quantities and those achieved. It allows the actors of the production to react quickly. It provides the analysis necessary for continuous improvement of production.

M.E.S Quartis from sedApta-osys coupled with the Factory Scheduling and Smart Asset Management (CMMS) software allows for optimal operation of the production line.

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