Industrial Terminals and PCs

PCs and industrial terminals for the acquisition of data production

Since 1981, sedApta-osys has been manufacturing its own terminals.

Our range of high quality graphic and touch terminals is specifically designed to work in harsh industrial environments. They are used by manufacturers in all sectors of activity (except chemistry): food, cosmetics & luxury, plastics, mechanics, automotive, aerospace, cardboard, printing ...

Our range of terminals and industrial pc allows to acquire the data of production in difficult environment / treatment and transmission of the information and to visualize information by the operators (plans, diagrams, comments, cards of instructions of adjustments, procedures, corporate intranet, workflow of absences ...).

The advantages of the range

  • Touch screen 10 '', 12 '', 15 "and 17 ''.
  • Built-in or wall box, metal or waterproof stainless steel
  • Design & Robustness.
  • Connectors protected and adapted to the industry
  • Windows or Android environment
  • Ethernet network TCP / IP or wifi
  • Automation control card ...
  • Performance, ergonomics, hardware support

Industrial Terminal TCL17 INOX IP69K PCAP

  • Waterproof stainless steel housing quality finish designed for demanding industrial environments (total sealing and resistance to low and high temperatures).
  • IP69K industrial PC.


The simplicity, the ergonomics and the greatness of the TR Quartis range make it an ideal product for the collection of production data. The TR Quartis is dedicated to the simple entry into the workshop of manufacturing orders (OF), repair orders (OR) and the collection of real-time data of machines, rates, quantities, production time or machine shutdown. Remote remote maintenance allowing a fast service in maintenance.

  • Backlit display for visual comfort.
  • Alpha or hexadecimal keyboard with 2x40 or 4x40 display.
  • Connectors protected and adapted to the industry.
  • Wall fixation.

TCL 10 industrial terminal

TCL 12 industrial terminal

TCL 17 Industrial Terminal

TCL17 INOX Industrial terminal

TCL 17 IP69k Industrial Terminal


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