Zoom on: M.O.M Solutions

What is M.O.M?

 M.O.M (Manufacturing Operations Management) is an approach to overseeing all aspects of the manufacturing process, from maintenance to scheduling. The M.O.M is designated as the implementation of 3 software solutions: a solution of Asset Management, MES, and scheduling. In simple mode, M.O.M solutions enable complete digitalisation of the manufacturing and production process, from maintenance to production planning, as well as real-time monitoring of production. In addition to the benefits specific to each solution (refer to other "Zoom on"), the advantage of implementing these solutions lies in the interconnectivity of these solutions. The 3 solutions communicate and work in synergy, that is to say that each solution makes it possible to perfect the use of another by sending it automatically key information. M.O.M solutions engage the company in the short term, and concern the operational and executive decisions of the company.


But concretely, how is this beneficial for my company?

As a first step, I invite you to read the other articles in the series "Zoom on", on the different software that make up the MOM solution: the MES, the Asset Management, and the scheduling, in order to understand in detail, in what setting up each of these software is beneficial for your business. Otherwise, it is obvious to understand that the implementation of MOM solutions takes all the advantages of each solution, that is to say: a real gain of comfort at work (automated processes, better traceability, 0 paper, better internal communication etc ...), a gain of clarity and legibility of the production (production more fluid, less unforeseen breakdowns, better management of stocks and deadlines, rate of performance etc ...), a saving of time (automated processes, more redundant tasks etc ...), but especially a financial gain (reduction of production costs, reduction of unforeseen breakdown costs, more efficient production, economies of scale, better forecasts etc ...).

The advantage of putting all M.O.M solutions in place at a time is, as I already explained, their interconnectivity. These software communicate with each other, and the manufacturing process is automated and digitized from the beginning to the end of the process. The gains (comfort, time and financial in particular) are therefore even more significant, since each solution automatically communicates to another solution, information that would have an impact on its proper functioning (example: during an unexpected failure, the MES automatically reports this failure to the scheduling and maintenance solution, so scheduling recalculates its schedule, and maintenance generates a report. There is therefore a real synergy between its solutions, which are designed to perfect each other during their use, and a real productivity gain in their implementation. With an increasingly demanding and competitive industrial environment, where the reactivity, flexibility and adaptation of the company to its environment is more than necessary, the MOM solutions are the best alternative to meet these new industrial needs. .

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