The industry of the future, true spearhead of the industry "Made in France"

The rise of the "Made in China" industry

Chinese industry has always sent the same image in the eyes of the world: mass production, with low-quality products, a very low-skilled workforce, but at very affordable prices. It is not for nothing that this is nicknamed "the factory of the world". But, the image of the Chinese industry is changing with its government initiative "Made in China 2025".

 From now on, China clearly shows its intention to develop a new, innovative, creative, productive, flexible industry, able to adapt to different modes of production (depending on demand, large or small volumes). China is rethinking its entire industry, with the aim of becoming a serious industrial competitor. It implements the foundations of this new industry, starting with moving upmarket to meet the different demands, or by increasing the value of its imports.



France has many cards to play in this "industrial competition"

Given the strong Chinese ambition announced, France must prioritize the issue of industrial competitiveness internationally; the reindustrialization of France is today a crucial issue.

Today, in order to achieve the goal of regaining the industrial attractiveness of yesteryear, France must play on its strengths, and pass the 2nd to enter the era of industry 4.0. The fourth industrial revolution is based on automation, data exchange, the cloud, physical cyber systems, robots, big data, artificial intelligence, the smart manufacturing and the Internet of Things to transform industrial companies.

Flourishing with its engineers and entrepreneurs recognized worldwide, France has the necessary skills and essential to renew its industrial tool, to adapt to market requirements, as provided by the future Chinese industry (creativity, innovation, adaptation, flexibility etc ...) But, although it has ample resources for its transformation, France is still debating and hesitating about its transition to the industry of the future, particularly with robotization. It is necessary to be inspired by Germany, which is the precursor country of the industry of the future, mixing technology and human know-how. France must not hesitate anymore, and cross the course, on pain of being too late for this race for industrial competitiveness. Moreover, in addition to its large presence of engineers and recognized entrepreneurs, the main asset of France lies in its traditional know-how and quality craftsmanship, recognized worldwide; the renewal of its industrial and artisanal know-how by new technologies can only be beneficial to French industry.

It is by fully engaging in this phase of industrial revolution that France will be able to restore its image of yesteryear with respect to its international industrial attractiveness, and compete with other industrial powers, in addition to seeing the emergence of new job sectors. France today has all the cards in hand to enter this new industrial era, and possibly be present among the leaders.


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Source : « L’industrie 4.0 est l’avenir du « made in France ». Les Echos