Big Data, key element of the 4th industrial revolution

Industry 4.0, the power of production data

The analysis of large volumes of data is not restricted to GAFA companies, or to marketing and communication uses. With Usine 4.0, data analysis is at the center of the industrial process, and can contribute to an immeasurable number of tasks: optimizing the quality of production, improving efficiency, traceability, inventory management, saving the énergie etc ...

Take the example of predictive maintenance; with Usine 4.0, and thanks to the power of Big Data, predictive maintenance will be widespread. For example, manufacturers will be able to anticipate probable malfunctions, or breakdowns, and send maintenance teams in anticipation. Today, thanks to this predictive maintenance, the interventions of the technical teams can now be planned according to information given in real time by the machines. In addition, this data can also be shared between manufacturing sites of the same industrial group and trades. The main objectives are to reduce repair times and unplanned outages (91%), followed closely by extending the service life of aging industrial equipment (86%), and then improving customer satisfaction. (70%). For example, embedded sensor data will be used not only within industries during manufacturing processes, but also in manufacturing processes. By combining the data collected on machines throughout the manufacturing process, factors affecting the quality of a part can be analyzed.


The predictive analysis of its data makes it possible to detect and correct defects upstream of the production of a product; this avoids problems before serial production. The industrial chain will be optimized from the design stage.

 The power and analysis of the data do not allow predictive maintenance, they also allow: the scheduling of production, (production resources planning according to the hazards), the manufacturing execution system (MES), traceability, forecasting sales etc ...


Today, Big Data allows a real transformation of production processes and industrial planning (at all scales), and this digital transformation of the industrial enterprise is undeniably the future of the industry.

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Source : La maintenance prédictive est en train de devenir une réalité en Europe | Conseil et analyse en solutions logicielles pour l’entreprise et ses métiers.