Industrie 4.0 : la France plus que jamais dans la course à la compétitivité industrielle

An environment conducive to the industry of the future

While the year 2017 has seen more openings than plant closures, and the national industrial production is at its peak since the financial crisis of 2008, the French industry today faces challenges of transformation unpublished, which, if not raised, could well weaken the competitiveness and attractiveness of the country.

Nowadays, many points in the industry are concerned by the digital transformation of the company, for example: the value chain, the manufacturing execution system (MES), the use of artificial intelligence, the management of information systems, data exploitation and security, etc. ... The factory bosses, driven by their confidence in this industrial renewal, are still expressing the two main challenges imposed by this new turn of the era. the renewal of the skills of their employees and the importance of reinforcing their cybersecurity devices.

Nevertheless, the benefits and benefits of this impending transformation of the industry remain promising, and outweigh the costs.


France is gradually regaining the interest of investors and expatriates

Today, we know that the 4th industrial revolution should allow France to write a new chapter in its industrial history. Indeed, thanks to the measures taken by the French State in this sense, with for example the creation of different labels (French Tech, French Fab etc ...), the government shows its will to regain industrial dynamism, but especially its good understanding current industrial issues.

Innovate to regain growth, this is the goal of the State, which, through a 10 billion investment in innovation, hopes to combine the strengths of a traditional national industry ultra successful in the genius of nascent startups. We can observe that this policy of transformation of the industry is already bearing fruits, with waves of relocation of companies in France, as for example Airbus, Zodiac, or Rossignol.


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