Ia Et Donnees Au Coeur De La Transfo Digitale Aeronautique

Jul 15, 2019


Aeronautics: AI and data at the heart of digital transformation

The aerospace sector is accelerating its digital transformation.

Sop Visuel

Jul 8, 2019


Press Rease S&OP

The solutions Sales & Operation Planning sedApta for optimization of the Supply Chain

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Jul 5, 2019


The establishment of an index for the industry of the future

Initiatives for the industry of the future are multiplying

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Jul 4, 2019


French industrial giants commit to artificial intelligence

The technological revolution is on our doorstep

Usine Nouvelle 1

Jul 3, 2019


L'Usine nouvelle talks about sedApta-osys in its N°3617 of 27 june 2019

L'usine nouvelle : "sedApta-osys, a software and hardware platform to become a Factory 4.0"

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Jul 2, 2019


Brittany is already preparing its future career campus

Train in the trades of tomorrow's industry

Lean Management

Jun 27, 2019


Usine Lean ou Industrie 4.0 : liens et différences

L’industrie 4.0 et ses liens avec le Lean Manufacturing. L’importance de la lutte contre le gaspillage dans les deux démarches.

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Jun 26, 2019


The report on the industry of the future: very promising for French reindustrialisation.

Find out how the government wants to help SMEs / VSEs in their digital transition