Join the team

Created in 1981, sedApta-osys is part of the Italian start-up company sedApta since October 2017. We work to offer the best software and hardware solutions on the market dedicated to the digitalization of all plant services: MES, Scheduling, CMMS, S & OP , acquisition of production data.

Why join sedApta-osys? For who ?

sedApta-osys is a dynamic and innovative company. Our solutions benefit from the latest advanced technologies. We are constantly looking for the latest innovations from people who can bring them to us.

We put "the man at the heart of industry 4.0" and we have the same vision for sedApta-osys. Indeed, we attach great importance to the human; we believe that everyone is able to bring their stone to the building.

We value initiative and welcome new ideas. We surround ourselves with optimists, utopians and work hand in hand in order to carry out all our projects.

We are to continually evolve our employees; they will have a keen sense of professionalism, respect for others and a taste for teamwork.