Plastics Industry

Smart Manufacturing Software for Plastics

The problems of manufacturers in the field of plastics are common. How to trace the material used, trace the manufacturing process, track the quantities produced, the scrap rate, the time spent in production? 

sedApta-osys is aware of the problems encountered in the field of plastics, our Smart Manufacturing software has been answering them for 35 years.

sedApta-osys is a manufacturer of data acquisition equipment and editor of workshop management software specially adapted to the requirements of this sector: planning, performance monitoring, improvement of productivity, control of real costs ... as many objectives achieved thanks to our SMART MANUFACTURING offer.

Balance sheet and real-time production indicators

This workshop management system provides production managers with real-time information on production: performance indicators (synthetic production rate of the production plant, TRG, TRE), information on quantities discarded / weighed, machine stop pareto, instantaneous rates ...).

It is a real tool for visualizing the real activity of machines. Our M.O.M softwares allow the edition and the specific reporting (end of balance sheet OF, production balance sheet, Tool change report, monthly balance sheet, end of day balance sheet ...).

The restitution of the data is done in the form of a table of synthesis, indicator, supervisor.

Production monitoring

Our software sedApta-osys allow to set up a follow-up of production, a quality follow-up thanks to the material traceability, process traceability ... And thus to give indications on the quantities produced, the time of manufacture, to provide machine states.

The QUARTIS software suite from sedApta-osys allows:

- Real-time monitoring of production process times automatically (or manually).
- Machine monitoring (OF declaration).
- The follow-up of the automated equipment: qualifies the times men and machines, qualifies the quantities good and rejected, weight material consumed.
- The supervision.
- The follow-up of the injected presses.
- The follow-up of the material and rejects batches (weighing of the coils, management of the widths).
- The monitoring of production times.
- Tracking machine team changes.
- Tooling management: fingerprint management.
- Maintenance management: records the follow-up of the maintenance interventions as well as the assignments of all the contributors on each of these interventions, allows the calculation of maintenance indicators.
- Production problems are quickly identified by calculating yields, rejects, and tooling cycles.

Result: an increase in productivity, product traceability, the quality of service is improved (quantities delivered, delivery times, customer satisfaction).

Quality report

The monitoring of the quality of the production is essential: our software makes it possible to follow the control plans of the parts to be produced. For each article may be associated a control plan. The operator is notified at the checkpoint to be carried out. All entries are recorded and can follow the batch sheet for complete traceability.

Document management

Production documents are available in QUARTIS. The display may appear as appropriate:

- At the machine.
- To the product.
- To the product family.
- To the machine / product pair (or product family).
- The complementary modules of the QUARTIS suite

The QUARTIS software integrates the shop floor planning to graphically follow the progress of the production orders, taking into account all the factors. Our workshop scheduling module allows you to quickly and easily schedule production orders (OFs).

QUARTIS also has a Traceability module to retrieve all the batches of a production (OF). With one click, you view the family tree of the lots.

Our production tracking software is fully integrable and interfaceable with all GPAO or ERP on the market.

A full range of Materials

sedApta-osys is a manufacturer of a whole range of graphic / tactile terminals and industrial PCs designed for extreme conditions.

These are high quality graphics terminals :

- Stainless steel terminals 6 waterproof faces.
- IP 65 to IP 69K.
- Available in Ethernet TCP / IP version or 2.4 GHz Wifi radio.
- Anti-corrosion metal case: quality finish.
- Wall or flush mount.
- Anti-glare screen with high brightness.
- Connectors protected and adapted to the industry.

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