Mechanical Industry

Smart Manufacturing software for mechanics

The knowledge of the needs of the mechanical industry is no longer proved for sedApta-osys. With the numerous projects led by the teams, sedApta-osys has become a specialist in business issues.

How to trace the material used, trace the manufacturing process, track the quantities produced, the rate of rejects, the time spent in production ...?

sedApta-osys offers data acquisition equipment and workshop management software specifically adapted to the requirements of the mechanical sector: planning, performance monitoring, improvement of productivity, control of real costs ... All objectives achieved thanks to our Smart Manufacturing software offer.

Customer testimonial

A historical client of sedApta-osys, the LEGRIS GROUP is a multinational company with various activities (metal fittings for fluids, connectors, ...). Its headquarters are based in Rennes (35). sedApta-osys is a long-standing partner of the LEGRIS GROUP and has made many applications at various production sites, including those of Malestroit (1996), Muzillac and Guer (1999). The present application relates to the site of Guichen (35) where are manufactured connectors for the automotive industry as well as hydraulic circuits. A preparatory application for traceability of components and reliability of declarations.

The project is part of the computerization of monitoring plans monitoring the range of control operations initiated at different times of manufacture. Beyond the implementation of a REAL TIME monitoring system to capture and exploit the events of the workshop, the monitoring of the ranges of controls must allow 100% control of the quality of the products.

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