Cardboard & publishing

Smart Manufacturing software for the cardboard and desktop publishing sector

sedApta-osys has developed a range of smart manufacturing software dedicated to the field of cardboard and desktop publishing.

It makes it possible to extend the value of the ERP in production control in real time and to put the actual workshop data back to the ERP. It provides real-time indicators of the production activity: machine, operators, production hazards.

Customer testimonial

SITCO adopts MES QUARTIS solution

"We have seen a marked improvement in production times, and now users have real-time information on the terminals (production order, file, plan, etc.), there is no more waste of time and error. entry.

Quartis Optima Web has also highlighted 30 to 40% downtime on machines and improved production times. "- Patrice Maugein, IT department of SITCO.

Production monitoring

The software suite QUARTIS edited by sedApta-osys meets the needs of the publishing, printing and cardboard sector. The functions of the software allow to:

- Track and exploit production times and indicators to improve productivity.
- Track the consumption of materials and thereby reduce waste rates.
- Going paperless by offering manufacturing instructions directly to the workstation.
- Optimize the overall organization of the manufacturing process by guiding the production to the finest using the manual planning tool.
- Improve the visibility on the operating state of the machines: rolling, rigging.
- Know the actual number of materials used by machine.
- Have a traceability of the material.
- Calculate the cost price.

Equipment data collection
sedApta-osys specializes in equipment and PLC connections. The acquisition of production data is essential in the mechanical sector, which uses high-speed machines. Our teams analyze each situation to define the best solution to collect the machine data. sedApta-osys controls connections (RS232, DAM, Ethernet) and protocols to use OPC, Modbus, ...) sedApta-osys industrial terminals can be linked to our software for the acquisition of production data.

Improved productivity
Our software suite QUARTIS offers to control productivity through the display of synthetic real time rate of return (TRS), editing activity reports to analyze the results of production. It is thus possible to obtain in real time the quantities produced, and to exit production reports automatically.

Also, our QUARTIS production tracking software allows you to list the hazards of production (number of machine stops, duration). Our customers have entrusted us with an overview of the performance of the production line, greater reliability in production monitoring and greater visibility into the operating status of the machines. And even if the manufacture is artisanal in some workshops, the yield of the production can be calculated on the time passed by operators.

QUARTIS allows the recording of maintenance interventions as well as the assignments of all stakeholders on each of these interventions, allows the calculation of maintenance indicators. The results are spectacular: valuable time savings in production monitoring, gains in responsiveness thanks to real-time performance indicators.

Quality report
The monitoring of the quality of the production is essential: our software makes it possible to follow the control plans of the parts to be produced. For each article may be associated a control plan. The operator is notified at the checkpoint to be carried out. The operator can also declare controls independently. All entries are recorded and can follow the batch sheet for complete traceability.

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