Agro-food industry

Smart Manufacturing Software for the Food Industry

The agri-food sector is undoubtedly a difficult field to apprehend because of its hygiene, quality and just-in-time delivery constraints. sedApta-osys offers data acquisition equipment and SMART MANUFACTURING software specially adapted to the requirements of the food industry: batch traceability, material traceability, planning, performance monitoring, improvement of productivity, control of real costs ... as much goals achieved with our SMART MANUFACTURING software.

Customer testimonial


"The MES is a tool for the animation, measurement and real-time management of performance indicators that helps us to define action plans In 2015, the implementation of these action plans generated 100 000 € of earnings ", specifies Erwan Delbaere.

"In general, the MES brings more rigor in the organization.This system allows us to involve operators in the field daily in the continuous improvement and performance of our production," conclude Erwan Delbaere Industrial Manager and project manager MES, and Damien Bertrand SI manager.

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