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sedApta concept @ Hannover Messe 2018

sedApta concept Hannover Messe 2018 sedApta Smart manufacturing made easyThe world's leading Trade Fair for industrial Technology. All key technologies and core areas of industry – from research and development, industrial automation, IT, industrial supply, production technologies and services to energy and mobility technologies – can be found in Hannover.

A full range of technical innovations throughout the whole value chain – from automation to supplier solutions. With such a high number of key decision makers in attendance, HANNOVER MESSE is the ideal place for networking and new business. 

sedApta concept is exhibitor at Hannover Messe at MES DACH, hall 7, booth A17! Come visit us! 

sedApta is pleased to announce the creation of sedApta concept GmbH

sedApta is pleased to announce the creation of sedApta concept GmbH.

Starting from April, the 1st 2018 sedApta concept will continue the TXTMake business, distributing TXTMkade products under license, providing maintenance and support services as well as professional services and making further product developments.

In this regard we inform that as of April 1st 2018 Mr. Bernd Naether, formerly Managing director of Aptos Germany GmbH, will take the role of Managing Director of sedApta concept GmbH.  

With this operation, sedApta will now have the opportunity to focus more on the development and marketing of innovative S&OP products and Industry 4.0 solutions, an area in which the company already plays an emerging role at European level. With this aim in mind, sedApta has now more than 50 experts active on German market lead by two companies: sedApta advenco and sedApta concept.

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sedApta-osys will exhibit at SMART INDUSTRIES 2018




In December 2016, the second edition of Smart-Industries was held. It brought together nearly 200 exhibitors, 8,023 visitors and thousands of conference attendees. An event inaugurated by the President of The Republic.

From 27 to 30 March 2018, the third edition will take place in Paris Nord Villepinte.

Over 10,000 m², more than 10,000 visitors will meet the 400 exhibitors for 4 days of business on the theme of intelligent, collaborative and efficient connected factory.
SMART-INDUSTRIES are high-level conferences, dozens of start-ups, the know-how of prime contractors, a big competition for young people ... a central meeting in a more global event on the Internet. Industry, supported by the Alliance Industrie du Futur and sponsored by the Elysee.

 #MES, #order, #gmao, # S&OP ..... sedApta-osys supports you in your efforts to digitize your production plant:

We will have the pleasure to welcome you on our booth 4N15 - Village M.E.S


sedApta-osys will participate in the event World Class Logistics December 12th Paris

World Class Logistics is the Expert Meeting of the Supply Chain France / Europe / World.

Come and meet sedApta-osys at WORLD CLASS LOGISTICS on December 12 in Paris Coeur Défense.

sedApta-osys develops a range of Supply Chain solutions (S & OP):

     - Sales forecasting: optimization and reliability of sales forecasts

     - Inventory Management: Inventory Management and Inventory Optimization

     - Delivery management: improvement of the rate of service

     - Fine planning: Optimization of the production load

     - Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Collaborative management within the supply chain

sedApta-osys also offers a whole range of hardware solutions.


LOGO sedApta Finale colore RGBThanks to the acquisition of OSYS, the French leader for MES, the sedApta group sets its sights on the French market and completes its offering in the Smart Manufacturing and Supply Chain space.

Osys's activities and capabilities will further be strengthened by the synergy provided by sedApta both in France and internationally.

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Bodet-Osys solutions at USF convention 2017

Convention USF C17











In 2017, the convention USF (SAP Francophone Users) will be held at the Lille Grand Palais Convention Center.
BODET-OSYS has been a SAP partner for many years. Our software solutions from M.E.S easily interface with the SAP ERP.
We will be happy to welcome you and advise you on our booth N ° 39 on the 4th and 5th of October.

More information: http://www.usf.fr/infos-pratiques-convention-usf-2017.php

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BODET-OSYS will attend to SAGE SUMMIT 2017








SAGE SUMMIT will be held on 5-6 april 2017 in London.

More information : https://www.sage.com/sage-summit/en-uk/

Discover Bodet-Osys solutions at CFIA 2017 !

cfia-bodet-osysFind us at the CFIA event, the largest food trade show in France, from 7 to 9 March 2017 at the Exhibition Center of Rennes (hall 9 - stand D42). In partnership with Bodet-Software (Time Management / Access Control), Bodet Time (billboards, clock) and our partner Dimo Software (GMAO software), we will be presenting our MES / production monitoring solutions.

For the occasion, BODET-OSYS will present its new product : DAM Bluetooth, which has been competed to Innovation Trophies.

Quartis One : The production monitoring in real time for SMB

Quartis OneWithin a Lean management approach, QUARTIS ONE is a real tool for managing industrial performance.

As the first brick in your MES application, QUARTIS ONE meets the industrial needs for real-time manufacturing follow-up, scheduling, traceability, workforce monitoring, performance monitoring (TRS). Collection, anticipation and decision-making support for Production Managers.

QUARTIS ONE offers small and medium-sized industries a quick and easy to follow production monitoring.It is a modular and scalable software and hardware solution.

Its integration is fast and standardized.

More ergonomic, more intuitive to use, it offers a multitude of solutions of data collection of production.
Associated with the BODET-OSYS industrial terminals, Quartis ONE interfaces with the main GPAO or ERP / PGI of the market.

  • Real-time manufacturing monitoring;
  • Reporting screens;
  • Autonomy of setting;
  • Customized Supervisors Using a Flagship Library;

Complementary modules available: human resources, traceability, planning.


Logo Bodet osysBODET-OSYS developed its software solution for monitoring production QUARTIS PRO PLUS, dedicated to industrial groups, with new features innovative technology. From the acquisition of production data to the exploitation of the results, the main features of QUARTIS OPTIMA evolved to make way for QUARTIS PRO PLUS.

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The Expert eye: The factory of the future

Logo Bodet osysFactory of the future: this catchy term is present. The concept of industry 4.0 was born in Germany under the leadership of government to unite the German industries to move in the same direction. The goal is to interconnect the machines together.
In parallel, in the Anglo Saxon countries, under the leadership of MESA, the term of Smart Manufacturing encompasses all.

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Antartic II is continuously improving its M.E.S with Bodet

Antartic IIBodet, French leader in Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with its Osys activity, support for more than 2 years, Antartic II in the monitoring of its production workshop. Today, Antartic II multiply the projects in a dynamic of continus improving of its industrial performance.

 Read the Press Release.

Bodet-Osys will participate in the M.E.S Forum in Paris

assise du mes

As a member of the Club M.E.S and major player in the Manufacturing Execution System, BODET-OSYS will participate in the 8th M.E.S Forum in Paris on 7th June.

The meeting will be held in the Salon de l'Aveyron - Paris Bercy Village.

On this occasion, Mr. Blaszczyk Boris, Project Manager of Christian Dior Parfums will lead a workshop with Fabrice Chausserais, Director subsidiary BODET-OSYS.

Useful information : http://assises.club-mes.com/pratique.asp

FrenchTech: Bodet-Osys supports Laval nomination

ft picto

The French Tech Startups label brings together a large network of digital companies across France (13 cities), and now around the world with the launch of the French Tech Hub in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo ... Today, the French Tech launches a call for applications for the creation of thematic networks.



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MESA, the Future Factory: Michel Devos’s point of view, MES CONSULT

logo mesaFor two years, BODET-OSYS embarked on a MESA certification program*. Today a 20NE of people is already certified. Recall that Fabrice Chausserais subsidiary BODET Director-OSYS, is an active board member of MESA whose influence is international.
"This commitment reflects a will to BODET-OSYS to stay at the forefront of developments in the industrial world. It also provides a broader view of the world of the MES and MOM **" indicates Michel Devos.

Indeed, the MES world is changing The entire industry has entered a phase of profound change that sees digital technologies integrate into the heart of industrial processes. This fourth industrial revolution gave birth to a new generation plant. Our participation in SMART INDUSTRIES-2015 is an opportunity to return to the subject of Industry of the Future.
Here the view of Michel Devos, MES CONSULT.

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Bodet-Osys expanding its range of mobile industrial terminals with two new models

Tablette Bodet-Osys TCL10BODET - OSYS, French Manufacturing Execution System (MES) leader, unveils  two hardened solutions, a PDA and a 10.1-inch touchscreen tablet to meet all the needs of industrial on seizure and production data acquisition.

These terminals, connected to BODET – OSYS software, show many performance indicators, coveted by both producer services, logistics and service as quality control.

Read the Press release: Bodet-Osys_expanding_its_range_of_mobile_industrial_terminals.pdf

A new industrial terminal TCL17 semi-recessed running on Windows 8


Unlike other models in the range (TCL10, TCL10-IP 66 and TCL15) developed under the Android environment, TCL17 is available on Windows 8. Semi-Flush, this terminal has a new housing design brings finesse and strength.

It has a hard drive with flash memory to provide better impact resistance and allow a faster start.

 Read more : pdfPress_Release_Bodet_Osys_MES_TCL17_terminal_WINDOWS_8.pdf

Bodet-Osys at China auto manufacturing exhibit

Logo-Bodet-osysBODET-OSYS and Sage X3 will be present together at China Auto manufacturing Informatization and advanced manufacturing the 2014.12.09, at YueHai Hotel Shanghai.


BODET - OSYS presents its new module dedicated to Technical Production Data Management

Logo-Bodet-osysThis october, BODET - OSYS, french leader of Manufacturing Execution System (MES), expands range of software solutions with a module dedicated to technical production data management (routings).

For several years, BODET - OSYS has been investing in the development of specialized modules that reinforce its range of software solutions QUARTIS.

After the launch of "Traceability Process" module and "Quality Workflow" module, the company unveils a tool that deals with the technical data production to overcome the shortcomings of some ERPs.

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ORTEMS and BODET-OSYS strengthen their partnership

Ortems Manufacturing SoftwarePrecursor and French leader of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with over 1 500 customers, BODET-OSYS has decided to strengthen its partnership with ORTEMS, the leading vendor of Advanced Planning and Scheduling software (APS).

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Bodet - Osys widens its industrial terminals

industrial-terminal-tcl-15BODET-OSYS innovates and introduces a new range of industrial devices including one dedicated to the pharmaceutical environment and food.

Available immediately, the TCL10, TCL10-IP66, TCL15 now work on Android.

These models have a new capture card specifically developed by the R&D team OSYS BODET-trades industry.

pdfRead the press release.

BODET - OSYS presents Its new range of terminal and industrial PCs

industrial-terminal-tcl-10The workshop terminal TCL10 complements the new range of terminals and industrial PCs BODET-OSYS.

The TCL10 is an industrial terminal whose main function is the entry operator with a 10.4'' touch screen and the machine connection through its acquisition card.

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French pioneer and leader in MES, OSYS announces its change of name

Logo-Bodet-osysOSYS continues to grow and introduces now under the name BODET - OSYS.

French pioneer and leader in Manufacturing Execution System applications (MES), BODET - OSYS announces its change of name to strengthen the brand and totally complete integration BODET group. The publisher confirmes its position as French leader in number of companies equipped, it has to date 1500 clients.

Since the takeover of OSYS by the group Bodet, European leader in the measurement and management of time, in 2005, the turnover of the publisher has doubled to three million euros in 2012. BODET - OSYS gathers 38 employees and currently has 1,500 customers, positioning the company as a French leader in the number of equipped companies in monitoring production.

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OSYS presents its Workflow Quality module

workflow-qualityOSYS presents its workflow quality module, as a continuous improvement tool for production.

OSYS, french leader in Manufacturing Execution System (MES), expanding its range with a module dedicated to non-compliance. The tool has-been specially designed to ensure regularity in the production system and quality Manufactured products.

Non-conformities monitoring, fundamental management - product quality, is rarely built-in software solutions available on the market. So we decided to create a workflow module dedicated to non-compliance. We have also added control ranges, ergonomic and very easy to use, to set up a quality control monitoring according to the context of current production" explains Jocelyn Lei.

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SIA INDUSTRY monitors its production unit with the OSYS software solution QUARTIS

sia-industryTo obtain a global and reliable visibility on its production department, SIA Industry Group, a GMD subsidiary specializing in the design and production of interior fittings for vehicles, chose to adopt the QUARTIS INTEGRAL MES-solution of OSYS.

A M.E.S tool suitable for the industrial automobile sector. Unit of the integration division of the multidisciplinary group GMD, SIA Industry designs and manufactures interior equipment for small and medium series vehicles. The company also has a thermoforming activity. Located in Le Mans, Sarthe, SIA Industry has 72 employees. 

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OSYS announce a new module dedicated to traceability

Logo-Bodet-osysThe expertise of OSYS, the french leader Manufacturing Execution System (MES), the collection of production data in real time provides valuable information on the workshops or factories of any company.

Its software solutions for monitoring, QUARTIS, are offered as standard or customized.

OSYS today announced the availability of a traceability module with a particular function, "revenue tracking" coveted in the fields of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

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GAGGIONE adopts the OSYS solution of MES Quartis Optima with Sage ERP X3

Logo-Bodet-osysGaggione, company specialized in plastics industry, has acquired the OSYS solution Quartis Optima MES, to improve the production monitoring of its four business areas.

pdfRead the press release.

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