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The MES - Manufacturing Execution System concept


MES or "Manufacturing Execution System", relating to production monitoring or workshop tracking

As part of a "lean manufacturing" approach, MES integrates 11 functionalities, such as data  acquisition and data logging,  production monitoring, supervision and performance analysis...

The interconnection of these different function becomes a major asset in optimising your production costs. MES or production piloting complements your ERP; this is why Osys has confirmed commercial and technical  partnerships with major actors in the ERP sector: SAP, SAGE, MICROSOFT, ORACLE, SYLOB and DIVALTO, to name just a few.

MES is a vital performance vector for your business.


The 11 MES acquisition fields

  1. Data acquisition
  2. Production planning and scheduling
  3. Personnel management
  4. Resource management
  5. Manufacturing order traceability
  6. Product and batch traceability
  7. Quality control
  8. Process management
  9. Supervision and Performance analysis
  10. Document management
  11. Maintenance management

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