Workflow quality module


A continuous improvement tool for production

This module is dedicated to non-compliance. The tool has-been specially designed to ensure regularity in the production system and quality manufactured products.


The sedApta-osys workflow quality module facilitates setting validation steps of non-conformities

  • Definition of stage of non-compliance workflow.
  • Designation of actions managers.
  • Task to attribute.
  • Deadlines definition.
  • Checking files.
  • Sending email and immediate historical actions.
  • Workflow quality module.


At each step, the action manager must specify in a pre-set form by the user, the behavior to have towards the problem. Depending on the case, it will decide to implement a actions planning, such as accepting in state, correct or reject the concerned product. All persons concerned are automatically notified of progress actions.

The search form allows to trace followed by non-compliances status (pending, completed, suspended), by date, responsible or step. All seizures are stored in the database. The production manager finds the traceability of monitoring for each non-compliance.

Finally, sedApta-osys established within the second module, ranges of custom controls to create and/or modify quality control according to current production (Article consumed, produced item, OF, operation, equipment, operator). Quality control and self-checks are automatically displayed on the screen of the operator station. He knows in real time, those already done and what remains to be done.



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