VideoDisplay is a software solution developed for the Digital Signage industry.

Through a web interface, VideoDisplay toggles dynamic content, relevant and personalized. ... In connection with simultaneous data from different sources (ERP, excel tables, staff, ... CMMS) adapted on screen. You simply distribute the production indicators, security ... in the workshop: dashboards, reconciliations, reporting, or general information about the production. All users have the same information at the same time !

You simply generate and disseminate to create, plan your information in real time. VideoDisplay is able to recover the production information on all of your databases and to consolidate them on one screen.

VideoDisplay: a turnkey solution

  • Software.
  • Display equipment: large flat screen for maximum visibility, integrated player, sealed glazing strengthened.
  • Players (image, powerpoint, video), dynamic flow.
  • Related services: guarantee of a controlled installation, support in customizing your templates (graphic, logo, editorial, entertainment flow ...).

Benefits of VideoDisplay

  • Full WEB: you access the software from any browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome ...).
  • Intuitive and ergonomic: a few clicks, you create and distribute your information.
  • User-friendly: dynamic and colorful interface, consisting of icons for easy access to different features.
  • Simple and powerful: the software adapts to the knowledge and user profile. It allows simple operation and advanced your signage.
  • Compatible with all formats: with VideoDisplay, post all kinds of files: images, video, PPT, PDF, HTML page, Flash.

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