Traceability module


The Quartis Traceability module enables you to consult batch ascending and descending traceability

The traceability module enables

  • Recording / creation of batch Nos., serial numbers, manufacturing orders and operators.
  • Management of lists to be served.
  • Location management.
  • Non-conformity recording.
  • Upstream and downstream production traceability.
  • Production process traceability.

Searches may be made by: manufacturing order, article code, raw material batch, semi-finished product batch, finished product batch, serial code and date. This traceability application is ideal for monitoring your logistics (material traceability and batch traceability, production traceability, stock and position management...).

Our traceability software has already proven its worth in sectors such as agri-food, automotive, plastics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals...

The traceability module includes both software and hardware (data acquisition terminals, bar printers, radios antenna, server) for data acquisition. The raw material and finished product batch labels are traced using bar code hand scanners, portable terminals or RFID readers.

The traceability module is available in acquisition and consultation on the OSYS range of terminals and industrial PCs: TCL10, TCL12 and TCL17.




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