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Traceability process module


Traceability is one of the fields of application production monitoring

The collection of production data in real time provides valuable information on the workshops or factories of any company. sedApta-osys software solutions for monitoring, QUARTIS, are offered as standard or customized.

Our traceability module with a particular function, "revenue tracking" is coveted in the fields of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Our software already provides traceability since many years. However, sedApta-osys has developed a standard module 'tracking process' to allow our customers to easily install the tool at the heart of the workshop.


The traceability process module has two facets

On the one hand, sedApta-osys developed a function "revenue tracking" which aims to control the phase of incorporation of ingredients, mixing, baking and packaging production.

Very popular in the agri-food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, this module allows:

  • Display the list of ingredients.
  • Realize the automatic calculation of the batch quantities.
  • Control the quantities and weights of each component, allergens and using deadlines or deadlines optimal consumption.
  • Control the order of incorporation.
  • View the instructions by ingredient or finished product.
  • Reassembling the quantities and time spent in the ERP plant.
  • On the other hand, sedApta-osys offers the "supervision" with which it is possible to obtain a display of global production line and / or workshop. Production managers have valuable information such as equipment status (on, off, on-rate, maintenance...), the quantities produced in real time, performance levels or curves weight temperatures, speeds machinery, energy consumption..


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