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Technical production data management


A tool that deals with the Technical data Production to overcome the shortcomings of some ERPs

This new module is complementary to Quartis Optima Web 2.0. It is designed for small, medium and large companies in all sectors.


Simplify the technical production data management

The technical production data management module offers a calculation of information linked to routings and B.O.Ms. Each operation of a work order (W.O.) can be quantified in time and raw material consumption. The routings enable to obtain a theoretical hourly cost by aggregating hand work time and routings give the theoretical amount of materials consumed.

The new module sedApta-osys now offers manufacturers an intuitive interface to compare the real cost of a WO with its theoretical cost. This allows a better reactivity to adjust cost prices and to monitor production costs.

With this module "Production Data Management" which includes routings in parallel, BODET - OSYS takes a step ahead of its competitors. True to its commitment to meet the needs of businesses, BODET - OSYS has developed an open, flexible interface to the specific requirements of each company. Assistance during installation and training are available, in addition to the new module.




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