Piloted publishing


A tool that deals with the Technical data Production to overcome the shortcomings of some ERPs

This new module is complementary to Quartis Optima Web 2.0. It is designed for small, medium and large companies in all sectors.


FIt is a reporting tool that provides pre-standardised summary reports to operators: production analysis, discrepancy analysis, etc

It is a real decision-making assistance tool! In addition, it enables users to create their own reports.

Reports can be created and customised thanks to a series of tools, a library provided to the user.

These reports can be created easily and the Quartis Piloted publishing module makes them easy to use.

These reports adapt to the user company's business requirements.

You don't need any special IT skills to use the Quartis piloted publishing module; you only need to know your own business.

It is open to all users. In standard or customised use, the Quartis piloted publishing module reports give a clear and real time view of production-related data to help you make better decisions!

The Quartis Piloted publishing module is available in acquisition or consultation on our range of terminals and industrial PCs TCL8, TCL12, TCL17.



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