Green factory module


Monitoring energy consumption

This module dedicated to monitoring energy consumption complements the software suite Quartis sedApta-osys.


The control of energy consumption is at the heart of current concerns and we have created this dedicated module to assist them in the proces

Our Quartis software allows real-time capture of production data and provides production managers a reliable monitoring too.

The sedApta-osys solutions are easily interfaced with ERP management software available on the market. This combination adds value in euros significant gains in terms of productivity and performance.

The module Green Factory provides a finer capture of energy in the business and provides a report from each manufacturing step in achieving a finished product.

It has several levels of monitoring:

  • Level 1: the overall energy consumption of the plant (electricity, gas, water, fuel...).
  • Level 2 : consumption by equipment or line, OF.
  • Level 3: detailed reports which will be in parallel the timing of production and the energy for each phase.

All these data are displayed in real time. Compared to other solutions available on the market, the added value of the module Green Factory lies in its ability to easily collect energy data to the production thanks to Quartis suite software ( the MES system developed by sedApta-osys).



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