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MES software for the plastics sector

Our software provides a response to all the issues encountered by medium and large size companies in the plastics sector.

The Quartis suite enables you to optimise your production for better decision-making.


Real time production indicators and report

This workshop tracking system provides production managers with real time production information: performance indicators (synthetic output rate for the production workshop, TRG, TRE), information on quantities rejected, weighed, machine shutdown pareto, cadences, etc.).

It is an effective tool for viewing machines' actual activity. Our MES system enables specific printing and reporting (end of word order analysis, production analysis, tool change analysis, monthly analysis, end of day analysis).

Data is returned in a summary table with indicator and supervisor.


Production monitoring

Our sedApta-osys software enables you to set up production monitoring, quality monitoring thanks to material, process and other traceability... This allows you to provide indications on the quantities produced, manufacturing time, provide machine states ...

The QUARTIS software suite enables:

  • Real time monitoring for production processes, either automatically or manually.
  • Machine monitoring (work order declaration).
  • Automated equipment monitoring: qualifies man and machine time, qualifies good and rejected quantities, material weight consumed.
  • Supervision.
  • Injected press monitoring.
  • Material batch and reject monitoring (reel weighing, reel width management).
  • Production time monitoring.
  • Machine team change monitoring.
  • Tool management: impression management.
  • Maintenance management: records maintenance intervention monitoring and the assignment of all participants to each intervention, enabling maintenance indicators to be calculated.

Production problems are identified quickly by calculating output, rejects and tooling cycles.

Result: a productivity increase, product traceability and service quality is improved (quantities delivered, delivery times, customer satisfaction).


Quality monitoring

Production quality monitoring is essential: our software enables you to monitor the control plans for the parts to be produced. A control plan may be associated with each article. The operator is alerted at their workstation to the controls to be carried out. All entries are recorded and may follow the batch file for complete traceability.


Document management

The production documents are available in QUARTIS. Depending on the circumstances, the display may appear :

  • The machine
  • The product
  • The product family
  • The machine / product (or product family) pair.


A complete range of industrial terminals

sedApta-osys offers a whole range of graphic/touch terminals and industrial PCs designed for extreme conditions.

These are high quality graphic terminals:

  • Stainless steel, 6-sided waterproof terminals.
  • IP 65 to IP69K.
  • Available in Ethernet TCP/IP or 2.4 GHz Wifi radio versions.
  • Anti-corrosion metal casing: quality finish.
  • Wall-mounted or embedded.
  • High brightness anti-glare screen.
  • Protected connectors suitable for industry.




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