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MES software for the cosmetics and luxury sector

sedApta-osys is well aware of the issues facing industrial companies in the luxury sector and in cosmetics. Many companies have entrusted us with setting up production monitoring software that meets their needs.

We receive a wide range of requests: operator activity monitoring (manufacturing orders, random events, etc.), quality monitoring, monitoring file generation, interface with ERP, traceability, packaging line and equipment monitoring, and so on. We propose tailor-made solutions based around a standard for these exceptional sectors.


Quality monitoring

Production quality monitoring is essential: our applications enable you to control product quality, from preparation via presentation to packaging.
E.g.: Controlled bottle filling using weighing by sampling.
sedApta-osys terminals may be linked to our applications for production data acquisition.
Quality is vital in the cosmetics and luxury field. But output is no less important.
Even if some workshops use more traditional production techniques (e.g. the crystal industry), we are often asked to check production output.


Production monitoring

Introducing production monitoring thanks to Quartis Optima Web 2.0 or improving the monitoring that is already in place enables manufacturing and yield management.
Our Quartis software suite responds to the issues that face industrial companies in this sector: packaging line monitoring, manufacturing management, productivity control... Each operator manages their own documents using their workstation, with a document management assistant to help them. We are asked for this type of service by the leather goods and other sectors.


Productivity improvement

Our Quartis software suite enables you to control productivity by displaying the real time summary output (RTS) and printing out activity reports to analyse production results...
So, you can see the quantities produced in real time and print out analyses automatically.
In addition, our Quartis production monitoring software lets you store any production issues (number of machine stoppages, duration).
Our customers have entrusted us with providing them with an overview of the production chain's performances, greater reliability in production monitoring and increased visibility over their machines' operating condition.
The results are spectacular: precious time saved in production monitoring and quicker reaction times thanks to real time performance indicators.


A complete range of industrial terminals

sedApta-osys offers a whole range of graphic/ touch terminals and industrial PCs designed for extreme conditions.



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