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Workshop tracking or MES software for the automotive sector

The sedApta-osys workshop tracking or M.E.S software provides a response to the constraints placed on industrial companies in the Automotive sector and gives them the possibility to increase their productivity by controlling their production (time spent, random events, production waste, etc.) and so meet their delivery times.

It provides workshop supervisors with a view (machine state, etc.) to monitor quantity, workshop schedules...


Production monitoring

Introducing production monitoring with QUARTIS Optima Web 2.0 or improving the monitoring already in places lets you manage your manufacturing process.
Our QUARTIS software suite responds to the issues facing industrial companies in the mechanical sector: manufacturing management, productivity control:

  • Material consumption declaration.
  • Time spent per operation declaration.
  • Production phase declaration (machine states).
  • Random event declaration (setting, machine stoppage, break, cleaning, etc.).
  • Quantities produced and reject declaration.
  • Maintenance request declaration.


Equipment data collection

sedApta-osys specialises in equipment and PLC connections. Production data acquisition is vital in the mechanical sector, which uses machines with high cadences. Our teams analyse each situation to define the best solution for machine data collection. sedApta-osys commands the connections (RS232, DAM, Ethernet) and the protocols to be used (OPC, Modbus, etc.).

The sedApta-osys industrial terminals may be linked to our software for data production acquisition.


Productivity improvement

Our QUARTIS software suite enables you to control productivity by displaying the real time summary output (TRS) and printing activity reports to analyse production results.
So, you can see the quantities produced in real time and print out production analyses automatically.

In addition, our QUARTIS production monitoring software lets you list any production issues (number of machine stoppages, duration by issue). Our customers have an overview of the production chain's performances, greater reliability in production monitoring and increased visibility over their machines' operating condition. Even if some workshops use more traditional production techniques, production output may be calculated on the time spent by operators.

QUARTIS enables you to record maintenance interventions and the assignment of all participants to each intervention. Maintenance indicators are available as standard. The results are spectacular: precious time saved in production monitoring and quicker reaction times thanks to real time performance indicators.



sedApta-osys has also introduced traceability by batch, material and location for many of our customers. The traceability in QUARTIS software enables:

  • Recording/creation of batch Nos., serial numbers, manufacturing orders and operators
  • Management of lists to be served
  • Location management
  • Non-conformity recording
  • "Upstream" and "downstream" production traceability


Quality monitoring

Production quality monitoring is essential: our software enables you to monitor the control plans for the parts to be produced. A control plan may be associated with each article. The operator is alerted at their workstation to the controls to be carried out. All entries are recorded and may follow the batch file for complete traceability.


Document management

The production documents are available in QUARTIS. Depending on the circumstances, the display may appear:

  • At the machine.
  • The product.
  • At the product family.
  • At the machine / product (or product family) pair.


A complete range of industrial terminals

sedApta-osys offers a whole range of Graphic/touch terminals and industrial PCs designed for extreme conditions.

These are high quality graphic terminals:

  • Stainless steel, 6-sided waterproof terminals.
  • IP 65 to IP69KAvailable in Ethernet TCP/IP or 2.4 GHz Wifi radio versions.
  • Anti-corrosion metal casing: quality finish.
  • Wall-mounted or embedded.
  • High brightness anti-glare screen.
  • Protected connectors suitable for industry.





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