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MES software for the agri-food sector

Monitoring traceability

Our traceability module meets European standard 178/2002 for agri-food industries, intended to guarantee the traceability of foodstuffs and food ingredients.

Our software meets the specific needs of the agri-food industry by providing:

  • Batch traceability from reception to shipment (workstation acquisition of batches or series parts).
  • Ascending and descending traceability (respect for European standards and regulations).
  • Traceability for your services and products.
  • Batch and flow traceability.
  • Despatch operation traceability.


The traceability module is presented as an add-on for the Quartis Optima Web 2.0 production monitoring software and enables:

  • Data acquisition.
  • Batch and serial number recording.
  • Simplified search by batch, article, manufacturing order, date, etc.
  • Production of upstream and downstream batch traceability as a tree structure.
  • Location management.
  • Control and non-conformity recording.
  • Collection of precise and updated production and non-production time information.

With our workshop tracking software, you can put quality controls in place at each stage of production.


Improving performance

We set up production monitoring systems that enable you to control your real production costs and reduce your delivery times which optimising your production. Your productivity will be improved.

You can:

  • Anticipate your labour time and machine occupation time needs.
  • Know how long your production line will be stopped.
  • Calculate different indicators per team.
  • Yield management: control of the right quantity / weight ratio.
  • Material batch declaration, waste declaration, machine state change, planned work order start / end.
  • Work order planning within the different workshops according to the machine and operator resources available Supervision.


A complete range of Industrial terminals

OSYS offers a whole range of graphic/touch terminals and industrial PCs designed for extreme conditions.

These are high quality graphic terminals:

  • Stainless steel, 6-sided waterproof terminals.
  • IP 65 to IP69K.
  • Available in Ethernet TCP/IP or 2.4 GHz Wifi radio versions.
  • Anti-corrosion metal casing: quality finish.
  • Wall-mounted or embedded.
  • High brightness anti-glare screen.
  • Protected connectors suitable for industry.


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